Check Out The 4 Common Mistakes People Make In Their Fitness Journey

Check Out The 4 Common Mistakes People Make In Their Fitness Journey

Leshi Adebayo

TGIF! There are many decisions people make everyday but it is a different thing to make a decision, it is another to act that decision out. In business, education, etc decisions matter but what about the actions to be taken to see that the decision made is carried out to the end.

But, in terms of health and fitness, many people decide every year to go on a fitness journey but most of them do not finish this journey. Trust this article, experience matters a lot. You cannot talk about something unless you have lived it.


However, there are solutions but before it is not possible to solve an unknown problem. So, here are the 4 common mistakes people make when embarking on their fitness journey. In this mistakes, you will find solutions.


Mistake 1: Having No Clear Goals

Why do I want this body? Weight gain or weight loss? Bulk or lean muscle gains? If you do not know why you are in the gym, your fitness journey will not last. So, you need to make clear your goals and write them out. Doing this has a lot to do with the mind, your diet, routine and others. Having clear goals automatically, sets you up for a successful fitness journey.


Mistake 2: No Clear and realistic Schedule

This is another major mistake. You have a clear goals but lack a workable schedule. You will not be focused. According to health psychology, it takes 18 to 246 days with an average of 66 days to be a aligned with a norm or an habit. Consistency is the main ingredient here but to do this, you need a workable schedule. Ask yourself these questions, how many days in a week can I workout?, How many minutes to hours do I have to share each day?, etc. Once you have answered these and more, you are good to go. You have a fixed schedule, stick to it.


Mistake 3: Having a poor diet.

Depending on the goal of the fitness journey whether it is to lose, gain or maintain weight; diet is very important. But, many people lack this and it affects their fitness goals.

For weight loss, calorie deficit is advisable- you need to walk less than required amount daily while working out; weight gain has room for eating more calories than your body burns daily while also accounting for calories lost during workout. Above all, having a poor diet will amount to getting bad results over a period of time while working out. Each fitness plan has a specific diet. Know yours and stick to it.


Mistake 4: Overcomplicating things.

This final mistake for this section is main cause of frustration for many people who are on a fitness journey. They follow the crowd. These people do routines just because someone else is doing it. If it is not your routine for the day, stick to your plan for that day. Do not try to impress anyone on this journey. The fitness is for yourself and you alone.



Finally, there are many more mistakes but these are some of the popular ones people make. Do not make them. Have a clear goal, have a schedule, have a good diet plan, and never Overcomplicate things for yourself.





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