“You Will Rot In Jail”, Netizens React As CBN Investigator Reveals Crimes Committed By Emefiele, Others

“You Will Rot In Jail”, Netizens React As CBN Investigator Reveals Crimes Committed By Emefiele, Others

Fawaz Adebisi

Netizens have reacted to a recent post, o X, by StatiSense, an AI data company, relying on information from the Revenue Mobilization, Allocation, and Fiscal Commission (RMAFC), about the misappropriation of funds by the Central Bank of Nigeria, CBN.

The post, which publicized the findings of the Special Investigator on the CBN and Related Entities, Jim Obaze, on the activities of the ex-CBN governor, Godwin Emefiele, among others, during their tenure had many citizens laying curses on Emefiele.

The findings, which span unauthorized bank accounts, fraudulent transactions, and questionable expenditures, paint a damning picture of the financial landscape under his leadership.

Below are findings made by the investigator:

1. Unauthorized Funded Bank Accounts:

– Unearthed a total of 593 unauthorized bank accounts in the UK, US, and China, raising concerns about the transparency and accountability of financial dealings.

2. Fraudulent Cash Withdrawal:

– A staggering $6.23 million was fraudulently withdrawn from the CBN vault, allegedly under the guise of a presidential approval to pay foreign election observers.

3. Gross Financial Misconduct:

– Implicated Mr. Emefiele and at least 13 other individuals, including Deputy Governors, in gross financial misconduct.

4. Fixed Deposit Controversy:

– Discovered £543.4 million kept in fixed deposit by Mr. Emefiele, raising questions about the appropriateness of such financial maneuvers.

5. Manipulation of Naira Exchange Rate:

– Uncovered manipulations in the Naira exchange rate and fraudulent activities in the CBN’s e-Naira project.

6. Questionable Expenditures:

– Exposed expenditures on the redesign of N200, N500, N1,000 notes, with questionable legal fees and payments to a UK firm for Naira redesign efforts.

7. Fraudulent Use of Ways & Means:

– Shed light on the fraudulent use of Ways & Means amounting to N26.627 trillion, revealing a misuse of financial mechanisms.

8. Misrepresentation of Presidential Approval:

– Unveiled misrepresentations related to presidential approval on the NESI Stabilization Strategy Ltd., leading to potential legal implications.

9. Padding of Presidential Approval:

– Exposed the padding of former President Buhari’s approval, approximating N801.04 billion to N1 trillion, without proper authorization.

10. Illegal Securitization:

– Highlighted the lack of approval for the breakdown of N22.72 trillion presented to the 9th National Assembly, raising concerns about the legality of “Ways & Means” financing.

This investigation not only casts a shadow over the financial integrity of the CBN during that period but also raises serious questions about the accountability and oversight mechanisms in place.

The former CBN Governor and key deputies now face scrutiny as the nation awaits further developments in this unfolding financial scandal.

Find below, reactions of netizens:


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