Why I Quit Music for Filmmaking, Gaming – Dr. Sid

Why I Quit Music for Filmmaking, Gaming – Dr. Sid

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In a candid and exclusive interview with the BTS podcast, renowned singer Sidney Onoriode Esiri, commonly known as Dr. Sid, has unveiled the intriguing reasons behind his sudden departure from the music industry.

The accomplished veteran artist has shed light on his transition towards filmmaking and the gaming sector, attributing his decision to unfulfilled expectations from his previous music project.

The ‘Kabiyesi’ crooner, celebrated for his chart-topping hits and captivating performances, shared that his pursuit of new creative avenues was sparked by a sense of accomplishment in the music realm.

Having amassed a plethora of awards, embarked on global tours, and consistently delivered chart-topping records, the artist felt he had reached the pinnacle of success within the music industry.

He said,

“I had pretty much lived my dream, I had done every single thing I wanted to do in music, I had won awards, I had toured the world, I had had hit records.

“And when I put out the last body of work that I did, it did not get the response that I was expecting.

“I have always wanted to make film so for me, that was the next evolution in my career. So I had to make a conscious decision, say you know what?

“I have given music time, I can always go back to it if I want to but I want to give time into this film but then while doing that as well, I am also a gamer.

“I happened to be in America at a gaming conference and I realised that gaming was a $3 billion industry, the gaming industry makes more money than music and film combined.

“So I said to myself why are we dulling on this in Africa? So I came back and I started a company to build the Nigerian gaming eco system.” 



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