Who Are Your Friends? See What These Group Did To Their Friend Who Is A Farmer

Who Are Your Friends? See What These Group Did To Their Friend Who Is A Farmer

Habeeb Ibrahim


Having friends who share your dreams is a great blessing. They help you stay on motivated and supported. They cheer you on when you succeed and lend a helping hand when you struggle.

A group of individuals who recently demonstrated the true meaning of friendship and support, Led by Basil Black Mabasa, a successful industrialist and philanthropist, they surprised a local farmer with a generous donation of farming equipment and resources, helping him to pursue his passion for sustainable farming.

According to Mabasa, the group wanted to show their support for their friend’s dream, and they decided to pay him a surprise visit to his farm. “We believed in his vision and wanted to help him succeed,” Mabasa said.

The farmer, who had left the city to follow his passion for farming in his village, was overwhelmed with emotion upon receiving the surprise donation.

The donation included essential farming equipment, fertilizers, and other resources, which will enable the farmer to increase his crop yield and expand his operations.

“Prior to the visit, we gathered information on all the things his farm needs for the next plantation. We pulled a big surprise on him when we arrived with farming equipment, fertilizers, etc. to help him grow his passion,” Mabasa said.

The group also spent the day working together, assembling the equipment and discussing strategies for future growth. Additionally, Mabasa expressed that they were impressed with the progress they saw on the farm.

“We were so impressed with what we saw and the progress on his farm, and our donation as friends will go a long way in fulfilling his passion,” he said.

As Charles Darwin once said, “A man’s friendships are one of the best measures of his worth.” This story is a testament to the truth of those words.


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