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What you should know about Justin Bieber’s rare face disorder

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When sensational Canadian singer, Justin Bieber revealed that he is suffering from face paralysis, the news instantly sent shock waves across the globe.

The pop star had taken to his Instagram page on Friday to share a video of his half-paralysed face, disclosing that he was diagnosed with a rare disorder known as Ramsay Hunt Syndrome. Fans and music lovers have since trooped to social media to wish him quick recovery.

Here is what you should know about Justin Bieber’s rare disorder.

Ramsay Hunt Syndrome, also known as herpes zoster oticus, is a rare but severe neurological disorder characterized by facial paralysis.

According to the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, the ailment is caused by the varicella-zoster virus which causes chickenpox and shingles. Besides facial paralysis, Ramsay Hunt Syndrome can cause a painful shingles rash and hearing loss in the affected ear.

Its main symptoms include a painful red rash inside or around the ear and facial weakness on the same side of the affected ear. Other symptoms are dry mouth, dry eyes, ear pain, hearing loss, ringing in ears (tinnitus), vertigo, loss of taste and difficulty closing one eye.

According to CNN, treatment for Ramsay Hunt Syndrome consists of steroids such as prednisone to reduce inflammation and pain medication. At time, antiviral medicines that help with the herpes family, such as acyclovir or valacyclovir may be prescribed. Recovery, however, will take several months.

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