What we know about “Kuku Do Ritual”, the controversial song released by Portable

What we know about “Kuku Do Ritual”, the controversial song released by Portable

By Elsie Udoh

Controversial Nigerian singer, Habeeb Okikiola, popularly known as Portable, has again made headlines following the release of his new single titled “Kuku do Ritual.”

Released on Friday, January 20, the controversial song addresses those with a lust for wealth and uses his style of coarse vocals and rustic beat to convey his thoughts.

While this song has been a tingling sensation in the ears of the ‘Zazoo Zehh’ crooner’s fans, Muslim clerics have strongly kicked against it for its offensive lyrics.

In the single, the singer sang, “Kuku do ritual, if you do ritual you go die if you no do ritual you go die.”

These lyrics were termed as “disgusting, detestable and egregious” by the Muslim Rights Concern (MURIC).

From the lyrics, Portable outrightly encourages the taking of one’s life and openly “disrespects human life”.

Moreover, with the spree of ritual killings that made news in 2022, this song only serves as a justification for young generations to engage in the shameful act of ritual killing to get rich quickly.

The song was also said to disregard Nigerian and African values as well as influence the youths negatively.

In a bid to curb this “eulogy of ritual killers” from spreading the menace of ritual killings deep into society, the MURIC implored the National Broadcasting Commission (NBC) as well as other media regulatory bodies and traditional custodians to see that the song, which is an abuse of freedom of speech, is banned from the public.


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