What we know about Craniopharyngioma, the brain tumour that almost took Aproko Doctor’s eyesight

What we know about Craniopharyngioma, the brain tumour that almost took Aproko Doctor’s eyesight

By Elsie Udoh

Social media has been awash with a flurry of comments after Nigerian medical doctor and social media influencer, Dr. Chinonso Egemba, popularly known as Aproko Doctor revealed that he was reportedly diagnosed with a rare brain tumour known as Craniopharyngioma.

The medical doctor took to his Twitter page to explain how the deadly tumour almost led to the loss of his eyesight and life.

While explaining the tumour, Apoko Doctor referred to it as a deadly virus that was sitting on the optic nerve of his left eye.

Further research gathered from Mayo Clinic reveals that the brain tumour known as Craniopharyngioma is a type of non-cancerous tumour that grows around the centre of the brain and affects the brain along with other structures surrounding it.

The brain tumour is said to be very rare and mostly affects fewer than 2 people per million each year.

While the cause of the tumour is not completely known, researchers believe that craniopharyngiomas might arise from the abnormal development of cells that form parts of the pituitary gland in the growing fetus.

The tumour can be diagnosed at any age. This means that a young child or an older adult can be a victim of the brain tumour.

Detecting the tumour, however, can occur at a later stage because the symptoms, which include gradual changes in vision, fatigue, excessive urination, and headaches, can be associated with less serious ailments like malaria.

However, a physical examination and blood test, including brain Magnetic Resonance Imaging, MRI, will help detect the tumour at a less deadly stage.

Upon detection, Craniopharyngiomas are treated primarily with surgery, which can be conducted in Nigeria as Dr Tayo Ojo, a neurosurgeon successfully conducted Aproko Doctor’s surgery and radiotherapy with a survival rate placed at 90%.


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