Wellbeing Foundation Shows Solidarity With Wives Of Military Officials, Counsels Ex-Servicemen

Wellbeing Foundation Shows Solidarity With Wives Of Military Officials, Counsels Ex-Servicemen

The Founder of Wellbeing Foundation, Mrs Toyin Saraki today revealed efforts by her foundation in catering for the wives of Military personnel who sacrifice themselves for the safe keeping of Nigeria’s sovereignty.

She made this known via a press release to commemorate the 2017 Armed Forces Remembrance Day celebration.

She said, “On Remembrance Day, we salute the honour, courage, sacrifice and dedication of our nation’s Armed Forces, the men and women who have dedicated their lives in protecting our country and its citizens. Despite the insurgency that our country has faced in the Northeast, the Nigerian Armed Forces, with the Federal Government’s support, has remained steadfast in maintaining peace and safety in our country, commendably.”

She disclosed that pregnant wives of Military personnel are being lectured by her Foundation’s Mamacare Midwives as they all receive classes recommended by the World Health Organisation antenatal and Postnatal care. She said the programmes are currently running at the Military Hospitals in Lagos and Kwara States.

“We are happy to be able to help the wives of the uniformed men through their monthly journey from pregnancy to birth and beyond, and we continue to give them a continuum of care and counsel.”

She also added that there exist the need of re-integration of ex-service men into the society as they need support after several battle among other challenges they faced on battlefield.

“Our countrymen also should be given psycho-social counseling and support after their time in active service. Many face post-traumatic stress and depression and need professional counseling for them to heal. We must show our gratitude for their hard work, by supporting them socially, psychologically and economically.

“To our Armed Forces men and women, we are ever grateful and recognise your noble efforts. Thank you and God bless you.”

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