We Are Tired Of Okorocha, We Are Only Waiting For 2019-Imo State Resident Replies Commissioner

We Are Tired Of Okorocha, We Are Only Waiting For 2019-Imo State Resident Replies Commissioner

An Imo State resident have replied the Commissioner of Information, Obinna Nshirim for insinuating that the indigents were not listening to news nor reading newspaper. Rather, he said they only ignored the State Government and its mode of operation which was milking the State’s treasury dry mainly because they are tired and waiting for 2019.

According to Kapuchi Nwachilaka, the people of Imo State were tired of listening to the propaganda been aired in the State. He disclosed this on Facebook after he read the news where the Commissioner stated that the entire N’Igbos were ignorant to items in the news unlike their Hausa counterpart who has radio in his small pocket.

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Read his full reaction to the news below…,

Ppl stopped listening to his and Okorocha’s endless propaganda and trash, he is offended that people refused to even tune on their TVs and radio to listen to Okorocha explain why his own sister spent 600million to erect again the same Christmas tree she has been erecting at same amount for nearly 8yrs now. Okorocha’s companies now have taken over Imo Hotels, highjcked Adapam, Imo.poultry, Imo State university, Imo broadcasting services, Concorde Hotels, Imo newspaper, He even bought over Mr Bigs in the state and converted all to his private bizness. Imo people are switched off, very idiotic of a commissioner in Imo State to make a comment that carpets other Igbo state when his inconsequential position does not exceed Owerri. When a Governor awards the contract for all road constructions in the state to Roche Construction which belong to him,who does he expect to have any interest in anything happening or not happening in the state. My people are patiently waiting for 2019.

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