Visiting Slave Relics Museum In Badagry Brought Tears- Says American History Teacher

Visiting Slave Relics Museum In Badagry Brought Tears- Says American History Teacher

Many Nigerians may not know the importance of Badagry as regards slave trade history in Africa, but around the world, in history books, the era can not be talked about without the town been mentioned. The importance of the border town joining the country with Republic of Benin have been highlighted by a group of History teachers, consisting of a Nigerian, African-Americans and a Caucasian as they visited the historical sights.

In a chat with BlackBox Nigeria as they visited the first Administrative Building in Nigeria, the Badagry Heritage Museum, where the journey about the detailed story telling about the slave trading started from.

According to Lawal Ibrahim Balogun aka Imole, the Nigerian that have been living in the US for decades, slave trade history can never be completed without a visit to the slave relics museum in Badagry.

The History teacher who came in company of his teenage daughter and wife said with his years of teaching History in America, he could not have been better visiting the museum to see and imagine the experience suffered by Black forefathers under their masters.

Lauerreta Ibrahim Balogun, his wife also gave her account that the tales she has been hearing about the slave trade just came to reality to her after seeing the relics and details been giving at the museum.

She disclosed to BBN that during her first trip to Badagry she was so touched by the details of the suffering of the slaves then that she was unable to complete the tour as tears rolled down her cheeks making her to halt at the Original Spot where slaves where forced to drink an attenuation spirit (the spot where slaves were made to drink from a special created well filled with contents that makes them unconscious till they get into the ship that sails them for months.

For Shakira Anderson, learning from her root was important to her as it makes her understand what Africans went through during the era of slave trade.

She said her experience at the relics museum was priceless as she was satisfied for the visuals of items on display and also the help of the guide which was handy for their understanding.

First timer Lanae Norwood who has a Nigerian name, Modinat, her journey to Nigeria was purposeful as the exposure she witnessed at the museum was handful for her to do a tell it all when she gets back to her base in California, US.

See below for exclusive pictures taken on the tour to the Badagry Heritage Musem and The Point of No Return, all in Badagry area of Lagos State…

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