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Some of the beneficiaries

It was an avenue to contribute to nation-building, youth empowerment and education revitalisation yesterday, October 8 2019, when a nonprofit organization, Vision Rescue Initiative, donated writing materials and textbooks to indigent but brilliant students in Ipakodo Grammar school.

The event took place within the school premises. Dr Abiodun Fatai-Abatan who spearheaded the donation enlightened the students on the need to stay focused on their studies and put to maximum use the textbooks and writing materials that have been made available to them by the Vision Rescue Initiative.

Sharing his own personal experience, Dr Fatai-Abatan informed the students that he was once a beneficiary of similar gesture from Chief Musediku Alogba, who at every resumption of new academic year will donate books and bursary and textbooks. He stated further that if not for such gesture, people like him would not have had the opportunity to finish secondary school and proceeded to the University.

While stating the rationale behind the donation, Dr Abiodun Fatai-Abatan, noted that given the current economic situation in the country, many parents are finding it difficult to buy the basic necessities of school to students and it is believed the intervention by Vision Rescue Initiative will bring about succour to both students and parents.

To ascertain what would be relevant to the student, Fatai-Abatan revealed that the not for profit organisation shared questionnaires to the students, analysed it and the result showed the students need more of educational materials.

The book donation covered mathematics, English and specific subject areas for students in Science, Commercial and Humanities for students in Senior class 1 to 3. Notebooks, biro and mathematical sets were also part of the package given to each of the beneficiaries.

“The goal of Vision Rescue Initiative is to inculcate the culture of giving back, the tradition of sustaining humanitarian values of the society. Once we are able to do that, the society with progress by itself, ” Fatai-Abatan said during his remarks at the event.

He urged the students to have it at the back of their mind that when they have the capacity, they would pass the baton of giving to the next generation.

“The project is a function of what we benefited from other generation and I’ll urge you after benefitting from this gesture to pass the baton, as a way of making the society better.”

Acknowledging other members of the Vision Rescue Initiative some of who are in the United Kingdom, Fatai-Abatan told BlackBox Nigeria that the long term plan is to encourage the students to be responsible citizens through moral, academic and financial support.

“The project is not to give books alone, we would be mentoring some of the students with scholarship and career progression. There are quite a number of exceptional students in Ikorodu Division who needs guidance to attain their utmost potential, ” Dr Fatai-Abatan said.

Members of VRI present at end presentation are Mrs Kemi Ladega, Mr Odesanya Japheth who also had a pep talk with the students, Ganiu Oloruntade, and Folarin Adegboyega.

From the school, the school principal, Mrs Alebiosun, Vice-principal Mrs Opadeyi and vice-principal administration, Mrs Adeshina graced the occasion.

While giving the vote of thanks on behalf of the students of Ipakodo grammar school, the school head girl, reiterated that the beneficiaries will endeavour to pass on what they have gained to the next generation with the initiative.

Abass Latifat.

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