Video Of British School Student Bullying Schoolmate In Abuja Sparks Concern

Muminat Ajide

On April 23,2024, a video surfaced online revealing Namtira Bwala, a Senior Secondary School Two (SS2) student at Lead British International School Abuja, being bullied by her schoolmate, Maryam Hassan.

The video depicts Maryam hitting Namtira, who appears helpless and without anyone to assist her. This incident is not isolated, as other videos have surfaced showing similar instances of bullying. Additionally, there is footage of another male student from the same school being subjected to bullying, although his identity remains undisclosed.

The individual who shared the video, opting to remain anonymous, stated, ‘Bullying is one of the biggest issues at Lead British International School, and the most concerning aspect is the lack of serious action taken to address it.

As of this morning, the school issued a press statement asserting their commitment to ensuring a safe and supportive learning environment for all students. They announced plans to collaborate with the perpetrators and their families, providing counseling and implementing disciplinary measures to address behavior that has no place in society.

As this has trigger many emotions just like the past cases of bullying in schools especially the likes of a 11 years old boy named Don Davies ,a junior Secondary school student of Deeper Life High school.

The issue came to public when his mother Deborah Okezie posted his photos and Videos on social media describing how the young boy was physically and sexually abused by his seniors and also starved by the school authorities for bed wetting .

Also ,at the premiere Academy,Abuja in June 2021 when a 14 year old Jareb Aondodo Akpguer a boarding student of premiere Academy,lugbe was sexually assaulted and later died of complications after a condom was said to have been left in her private part


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