Valid Identification Card Now Needed To Participate In MMM, Top Guider Reveals

Valid Identification Card Now Needed To Participate In MMM, Top Guider Reveals

Guider Yinka speaks…at first MMM Re-orentation meeting for all. At MMM training center Egbeda Lagos.

1. We are here to re-orient ourselves. Not to get jittery this year.

2. Yes the media has flooded us with wrong names( Mazi Mekus  Munachi etc)
No it’s real name is Mavrodi mundial movement…it is was created by Mavrodi owned by participants and its a global financial aid. A donation exchange program. It is not a business. We donate without guarantee that our money will come back. But…

3. Reciprocity and benevolence keeps us alive. Hence we build trust overtime.

4. Asides football ,MMM is the best and highest unifying factor for Nigeria.

5. Since there is no “central account” the only force out there is “Panic”.Eg. Man dies when MMM froze is a panic induced statement.

6. Mavrodi’s programming skills created the dispatcher that matches millions of people. Guiders don’t match people.

7. While in Jail…he kept on thinking outside the box. And thought of the “peer to peer” system.

8. Do you know that last year…
-New businesses were born.
-People were made financial free.
-MMM members were living above recession.
-People met their heart throbs in MMM. For examples.

9. You are not getting money from thing air. You must have given something to get something.

10. New model has 30days freezing of mavros not 14days anymore. I.e Your mavros will be blue for 30days after your money has left your pocket.

11. Our 30% is generated through a popular financial term called crowd funding. Insurance company, pension fund use this method(The money of people paying pension or premium now is used to settle those due for pension)

12. The computerised system sees the total PH and GH . Not the individual PHs or GHs. (Only guiders can see individual pH and GH in their structure).
As such Total GH for December was a red flag. Hence the frozen mavros we all saw in December.

13. Your referral bonus begins to reduce when your downlines PH begins to reduce.( New money rule)

14. Guiders school is for everybody. Every two weeks in a month( Rough prediction for now)

15. The new model focuses on enhancing the rules ( no more leniency)—eg. No multiple account.
If your family all use your link to register, then you must upload their IDs to support to get inform them to avoid a likely Moratorium.

Once they have a valid ID card uploaded they(your family members) can PH more than you.

16. Do not edit anything in your PO.

17. Do not click I refuse to make payment this year. Give only what you have. The sanctions will be hard.

18. Support is extremely alert this year.

19. The community( existing and new members) must keep providing help of their spare money.

20. Don’t force anyone to join. The evidence of MMM is now real to all.

21. Avoid panic— Government, Negative media, Bank threats.

22.  India, SA are solid programming countries and yet MMM still lives on there. MMM Nigeria server cannot be tampered because its not in any country. ( Cloud server)

23. Every confirmed mavro will not grow more than 30%. SA is doing this. Might be included in the new model.

24. You really don’t loose your money in MMM. Only time delays that can happen.

25. If MMM was a ponzi scheme…then why is his( Mavrodi’s)face all over the world. The system is honest enough to tell you everything you need to know.

1. GH can never be longer than PH again. It will always be balanced and will last for as long as you can imagine. In as much as PH and GH buttons are still clicked. The community is stronger and the system is tighter.

Details to be seen in your PO next week

A Learner

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