Unending Misery! Badoo Cult Kills Lovers In Ojodu Berger

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Fresh reports gathered by BlackBox Nigeria indicates that a new case of ‘Badoo act’ has been recorded in Ojodu Berger area of Ogun State as two lovers were attacked in the early hours of Friday, July 21st.

It was gathered that the notorious group which have been known for their acts in Ikorodu may have shift area of attack as they killed their victims.

It will be recalled that the dreaded group which have killed several residents have been linked to ritual killings and have been terrorising Ikorodu community for a while now. Just recently, the Police in partnership with some local security apparatus carried out several raids in a bid to clamp down on the activities of the group.

Eyewitnesses from the scene of incident reported that the two lovers were killed apparently with a grinding stone which was left behind on each body of the victim. The incident was carried out on Hassan Abiodun Street, Off Ojodu Berger, Ifo Local Government Area of Ogun State.

Reports gathered revealed that the apartment where the bodies were found belonged to the lady who recently lost her dad. Her neighbours never knew about the incident until they saw the blood trails which led them to the room and they discovered the lovers were dead. It was reported that the window net was torn and used to gain access into the room.

Upon discovery, the residents invited Police officers from the Ojodu Abiodun Police State and the lovers’ remains were moved to General Hospital Sagamu, Ogun State.

Below are disturbing pictures from the scene of event…VIEWERS DISCRETION IS ADVISED!

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