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Unavailability of pants: Ritualists resort to boxers

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Unavailability of pants: Ritualists resort to boxers 

The mystery of incessant pant theft remain largely unsolved

The viral gist of ritualist being on the prowl is no longer a joke as all indications appear to confirm the continuous occurrences of pants theft. 

BlackBox Nigeria has however been intimated about the newest ritual demand in town, a man’s underwear.  

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According to multiple reports, there is now a new wave of boxers theft in Nigeria and this has become increasingly worrisome especially as the issue of ladies’ pants remaining largely unresolved. 

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BlackBox Nigeria reports that a young man in his early 20s was recently nabbed in Abraka, Delta state after stealing a fellow man’s underwear. In a video which has now gone viral, the young man can be seen with his hands tied to his back while rolling on the store. The video shows the unnamed man being queried about his mission and reason for stealing the boxers as he continues weeping and pleading for mercy. 

How my boyfriend almost used me for rituals -University undergraduate tells BBN

The high rate of ritual theft continue to be a source of worry for many in recent times as it appears there is no immediate solution to this menace. 

Only recently, BlackBox Nigeria exclusively shared the story of a university undergraduate who escaped being used for rituals by her lover who is a fellow undergraduate.

Another news went viral of a lady who had to announce her own death to survive from the plans of her boyfriend who was planning to use her for rituals purposes. Many other news of pants theft have also continue to be in the headlines. 

The issue has become so worrisome that the paramount ruler of Benin and one of the most influential monarchs in the south expressed his anger over the development.

Benin Monarch Angry Over Incessant Pants Theft

What is your opinion of this new sad development in the Nigerian society? 

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