UK Jails Nigerian Fugitive, Wagbatsoma For £13m Health Trust Fraud

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UK Jails Nigerian Fugitive, Wagbatsoma For £13m Health Trust Fraud


A certain Walter Wagbatsoma has been jailed by the United Kingdom authorities for conspiracy fraud to the tune of £13m.

Wagbatsoma who is currently wanted in Nigeria for his trials was tried at Leicester Crown Court and was convicted of conspiracy to launder money and sentenced to 39 months.

According to LinconshireLive, Wagbatsoma and his gang of conspirators contacted hospitals, councils, schools and others, posing as a legitimate building firm which was owed money by the organisations. It was reported that the gang managed to convince that their bank details ad changed and instructed the organisations to put the money into a different account.

After receiving the payments, the gang allegedly moved it around in several accounts in a bid to make it untraceable. Wagbatsoma personally got £480,000 as his own share from the loot.

According to one of the Judge, the scam is a “sophisticated and widespread fraud in its conception and execution.”


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