TwitterNG Influencer, Pamilerin Narrates How His Employees Stole From His Company While On 2days Vacation

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TwitterNG Influencer, Pamilerin Narrates How His Employees Stole From His Company While On 2days Vacation

Nigerian brand influencer, Pamilerin Adegoke has revealed how some members of his staff stole from his company while he was away for 2 days.

Pamilerin, who co-own a food outlet in Surulere area of Lagos disclosed that the staff devised means to steal from the company by informing customers to make payments into their own personal account, instead of the designated company accounts. He said this happened within 2 days that himself and his partner were on vacation.

He added that the company had special package for all employees for the festive season and also being compensated very well for their services, but still resort to stealing within two days.

His tweets read, “Some employees in nigeria do too much. You can’t even trust them with your business. Myself x my partner decided to take days off work & put them in charge. In 2 days, they are already stealing from us. Imagine asking customers to pay into your personal accounts instead Of the companies account. Thank God for a friend that visited the store today. He was shocked when he was asked to pay into an account that’s not the company’s. We are our own enemies. We are the Government.”

He continued, “Apparently it did not just start, after my above tweet, see notification from clients. They were paid bonus, gave them Christmas hampers and this happened??? You really can’t satisfy people.”

Reacting to the revelation, another Twitter user narrated how her parent’s employees ruined their company via sharp practices of stealing and selling off company properties.

She narrated, “My parents used to run a restaurant before the business crashed and staff played a very big role in that. They reportioned rice to serve more people and pocketed the extra. Secretly brought their own drinks to shop and sold to customers. Stole money and drinks. The one looking after the smallest shop went as far as selling my parents’ shawarma grill and toaster, everything to people that buy scrap. New something ooo. The things they did ehn, even I don’t know all. They are very wicked and selfish people you have to punish them. My dad was too nice, so he didn’t deal with them properly and that also played a role in the business crashing and his having stroke. I take God beg you take them to police station and make and example of them. These people are so wicked. Even the delivery company I use for my own business, we found out the delivery guy was doing jobs and collecting money without informing the boss, he would come late for pickup and deliver late too and I lost customers for it. Trust no one. People are wicked. Please excuse any of my typos.

She further added, “Las Las, na the stroke kill my dad.”

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