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Twitter User Exposes All Drug Lords Kwam 1 Sang About (See Pictures)

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Twitter User Exposes All Drug Lords Kwam 1 Sang About (See Pictures)

A twitter user by the name Ayobami (@dondekojo) has done the most unlikely in recent times exposing most to the drug lord, King Ayinde Marshal sang about in the hail days and where those people are now. Though, it seems he has been threatened to remove the post, BlackBox Nigeria was smart enough to have a copy for our estimated readers. Enjoy and comment below…

@Dondekojo tweets, ” So, I decided to do some research on the people that Kwam 1 praised the most in his albums over the years. Interesting results

Starting this thread with the most notorious of them all. A Gentleman called Ade Bendel. Convicted 419 Kingpin. Kwam 1 had an entire Album for him. You can still listen to another Liver performance here.

I don’t have to write a lot about this man, you probably heard of him and know him well. He defrauded Army Generals, (home and abroad), business men, Government MDAs and all sorts.

Ade Bendel

Ade Bendel

Ade Bendel defrauded a certain General Abba Kyari for 500m way back. He was eventually nabbed and convicted in 2003 when Obasanjo clamped down on fraudsters after the US complained about losing over $10bn to these fraudsters with Nigeria as a transit country.

Up next on this list is Maurice Ibekwe. Maurice later became a member of the Federal House of Representatives. He was arrested for defrauding a German company of $30m. He died in EFCC detention. He was a socialite.

Maurice Ibekwe

Maurice Ibekwe

The way Wasiu sang his praises in his record was just captivating: E je ka re’le Maurice, Ibekwe! Ogenne Maurice na nu Nkechi, Odinma….

Maurice was implicated in the $242m Banco Noroeste scam (one of the biggest in the world) He was actually the Chairman of House of Reps Committee on Police affairs.

Up next. Every Kwam 1 listener know this one by heart. He got the most praise as he was Kwam 1’s first top promoter then. Demola Oyefeso alase Genesis.

Demola Oyefeso alase Genesis

Demola Oyefeso alase Genesis

Next up, we have another popular one. Sati Ramoni, Omo Salawe. Notable mentions in all albums and he had his own tracks too. Satti Ramoni was married to a Jamaican lady called Monica. All his car plates had Monica 1- infinity.

Sati Ramoni was arrested and convicted on drugs charges in London and has since been repatriated to Nigeria. Monica is now remarried to a White guy in UK.

Up next, we have Lanre Shittu. Lanre Shittu of Lanre Shittu motors was extradited to the US after her was kidnapped by DEA agents in Lagos in collaboration with Prez Obasanjo and NDLEA.

Should we stop or continue?

People are sending me tons of names, guys I’m sticking to confirmed arrests and convictions. I know ALL these other names as well. If we start on that we’ll never leave this place lol! Anyway, we continue later.

Sultan Ayinde Marshal

Sultan Ayinde Marshal

We are back. Starring the next phase with Kwam 1’s son himself. Sultan. Omo to gbadebo mi. Arrested for $2m in the US.

Next, we have Azeez Igbira. Former ACN Senatorial candidate in Kogi. He was arrested by the EFCC for trying to defraud Theodore Orji’s wife after defrauding another PDP chieftain. Sounds like an opposition hero.…

Up next we have Rafiu Elele. Notorious Chicago drug lord, He was arrested by the Interpol in Lagos and extradited to the US. Close Pal of the King of Fuji music.

Elele kii nse eni arifinR

afiu kii nse eni arifins

ebi oto lowo🎵

Up next I have Akindele Ile-Eru Kumoluyi. Oloruntoyin mi Omo Akindele . Listen to wasiu’s live performance for him here

Guys, we are ending it here this time. May be another day or maybe not. I haven’t said anything bad about Kwam 1 (as a Marlian 😁) this was a thread for the culture. Nothing more nothing else. I’m a big fan of the King as everyone knows. We just need the information for culture”

The revelations by Ayobami is setting twitter on fire at the moment.


  1. omo jay

    September 8, 2019 at 12:28 pm

    absolutely correct

  2. AKINTUNDE Ayorinde

    September 8, 2019 at 7:27 pm

    Kwam1 is like Swiss where all world criminals use to keep their money, drug barons, Tax evaders, despots, hooligans, all forms of political or social robbers keep their valuables in Swiss, but nobody called Swiss names.
    Kwam1 type of music was for those who wanted to oppress , show that they have arrived to impress others that economic hardship does not affect them.
    Wasiu sang for them gave them popularity they were seeking.

  3. adegbuyi adewale

    September 8, 2019 at 9:15 pm

    lesson for all thanks

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