Transforming the Economic Fortunes of Lagos State is my Only Interest- BOG

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The governorship aspirant of Action for Democratic Party (ADP) in the forth coming 2019 elections in Lagos State, Babatunde Olalere Gbadamosi popularly known as BOG has voiced that his interest in vying for the position of Governor lies purely and exclusively in the economic growth of Lagos State.

While explaining his agenda, the governorship hopeful highlights that power, functional distribution and central sewage system are some of the major keys to make Lagos State stand tall among others within the country.

“Power is one of the major keys to our economic liberation as are transportation and sound public health enhanced by functional water distribution and central sewage systems” he explained.

He further reeled out how he intend to go about making Lagos power sustained and a hub for economic activities enabled by constant electric power supply.

“Much as the idea of having offshore windfarms is appealing, the initial cost of the turbines is a source of worry, as is the paranoid behaviour of the federal government and its agencies when approached with projects like this, right alongside the regulatory demands that power so generated should be fed into the decrepit National Grid first. I prefer land-based power generation systems, like traditional combined-cycle turbines, solar farms and onshore wind farms, which can be localised into brand new mini-grids, thus avoiding the old, creaking, useless National Grid altogether.” He concluded.

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