Tragedy Strikes as Fuel Tanker Explodes near Iganmu Bridge, Claim Lives

Tragedy Strikes as Fuel Tanker Explodes near Iganmu Bridge, Claim Lives

Latiifah Amusan


A petrol-laden tanker exploded in the Sari Iganmu area of Lagos State, leaving many individuals feared dead. 

According to THE PUNCH, the harrowing incident occurred on Thursday evening, shrouding the region in chaos and despair.

The exact cause of this catastrophic explosion remains shrouded in mystery, but swift response from emergency personnel was witnessed at the scene as they valiantly battled the raging inferno.

Heart-wrenching videos circulating online captured the intensity of the flames and the cries of distraught onlookers.

Shakiru Amodu, the spokesperson for the agency, provided a succinct update, stating,

“Tanker fire is being combatted at the Lagos Quadrapoint Bridge, by National Arts Theater, Iganmu, as Sari Iganmu and Ilupeju Fire Crews combine efforts to tame the raging fire.”

The Lagos State Traffic Management Authority also swiftly intervened, posting a warning on social media, stating,

“A tanker has gone up in flames just before Iganmu bridge from Sifax. LASTMA has already alerted the @LagosRescue. Our officers at the scene are doing their best to handle the situation. Motorists moving towards the location are advised to avoid the location and reroute their journey for safety.”

Adebayo Taofiq, the spokesperson for the agency, pledged to furnish further details when queried about the incident.

An eyewitness, who spoke anonymously, provided a chilling account of the tragedy, revealing,

“The container was coming from Apapa. The container climbed the bridge leading to Orile, it could not climb the bridge and fell off at the tail end of the bridge. It then collided with a fuel tanker, which burst into flames.”

The eyewitness went on to mention that approximately ten vehicles were trapped with their occupants, and fire service personnel from the Iganmu station rushed to the scene.



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