Top 5 Most Popular Bus Stop In Lagos

Top 5 Most Popular Bus Stop In Lagos

Top 5 Most Popular Bus Stop In Lagos


The commercial city of Lagos boosts of some most popular locations especially bus stops as all activities starts from there. BlackBox Nigeria brings you a list of Top 5 Most Popular Bus Stops that every new comer into the State must be familiar with.

5. Yaba: Yaba bus stop, located in the heart of Lagos Mainland is more than a location of sought due to its size. It’s popularity also bother’s on it’s availability for commercial activities, especially clothing and cosmetics.


4. Obalende: Here is the 4th most popular bus stop in Lagos. Located just after the popular CMS and close to Ikoyi area of the State. It is another location every new entrant is likely to pass through.


3. Mushin: Mushin bus stop is more like a community than just a spot. It is also known for commercial activities that can be visibly seen from inside vehicles as commuters pass through.



2. Ojuelegba: Here is a bus stop that can link any commuter to any part of the State with just one bus. It is situated at the centre of Lagos Mainland with loads of activites going on around it.


1. Oshodi: It is the most popular bus stop in Lagos State as all new entrants are likely to pass through there. It is widely known also as it has linking roads to most routes of the State including Mushin and Ojuelegba. Oshodi bus stop is also known for the large number of walkabouts (including touts). People not used to this area of Lagos are usually warned to be careful whenever they pass through there.

If you have immediate plans of coming to Lagos soon, you may need to go through the list again as you are likely to find yourself in at least one of the bus stops mentioned above.

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