Top 5 Most Searched Items On Google By Nigerians In 2016

Top 5 Most Searched Items On Google By Nigerians In 2016

Nigerians in 2016 searched various types of contents on the most popular search engine, Google, while some are for tutorials, some are for fashion sake and others simply for the entertainment side of it.

BlackBox Nigeria brings you top 5 most searched items on Google by Nigerians as the year runs out. The data was gotten from a report aired on El-Now. The words are stated below in no particular order…

Mama by Kiss Daniel: The hit track from the artist’s New Era was apparently a song to reckon with among Nigerians as the song was among the two musical tracks in the top searched contents. The track earned Kiss Daniel this year’s The Headies Revelation Award.

Pana by Tekno: Even though Tekno was trolled for this track, it was among the top searched item and second musical track that hit the Google top searched item for the year.

Ofada Stew: Apparently, people are taking the kitchen duties serious as process of making the special Ofada Stew was searched more this year.

Nigerian Spaghetti: According to the report, Nigerians have their special ways of cooking a delicious plate of spaghetti and those who lack the skills are always on Google seeking a video tutorials to sharpen their skills on the pasta dish.

Perfect Eyebrows Tutorials: For the Ladies! It has been said that the dream of every lady during make-up is actually the hope to get that perfect eyebrows that matches that faces. The report confirmed that ladies were always searching for a video clip that could lead them through to getting a very perfect eyebrows.

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