Tokunbo Abiru Commemorates World Food Day

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The All Progressives Congress candidate for the Lagos East Senatorial seat, Tokunbo Abiru, Friday, commemorated the world food day, Blackbox Nigeria reports.

Abiru, who has continually assured the masses of his betterment programs and policies if elected October 31st, said “As we mark the #WorldFoodDay today amid rising inflation and economic turbulence, I am aware that getting daily food requirements greatly impacts household budget of the people, not just in Lagos East and Lagos State, but also in Nigeria.

“Food is essential. It, no doubt, occupies a prime place in the order of man’s basic needs. As a result, making it available to every citizen through pro-people policies will endear people to government and government to people, irrespective of where we live on earth.

“By implication, we all need food to survive. Sadly enough, millions of people around the globe cannot afford daily food needs, while others have more than enough to share with the haves-not. To attain a fair balance, we must, as a matter of duty, endeavour to share food with the needy without let or hindrance.

“As we celebrate this symbolic day, we call on the haves worldwide to feed one soul a day in line with the theme of the 2020 World Food Day, “Grow, Nourish, Sustain: Together, Our Actions Are Our Future.”

“In every sphere of life, we also urge all stakeholders to work together to make food accessible, affordable and available to every soul in every home, if we must ensure the food security objectives globally.

In this same spirit, we are in support of Anchor Borrowers Programme and other initiatives of the federal government aimed at ensuring food security. We endorse the Agricultural Youth Empowerment Scheme (Agric-YES) initiated by the Lagos State Government to tackle food insufficiency and youth unemployment in the state.

“If and when elected, specifically, I will continue to support such pro-people initiatives and programmes conceived to achieve food security objectives nationwide.

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