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Thirty Years Of Inventing World Wide Web, Tim Berners-Lee Visits Lagos

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Tim Berners-Lee’s current visit to Lagos makes it the first time he would set his foot on Nigerian soil since the invention of the World Wide Web 30 years ago.


As part of a 30-hour tour to few cities around the world to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Web, Computer scientist and inventor of the World Wide Web, Tim Berners-Lee is in Lagos.



BlackBox Nigeria gathered that the tech guru was seen few moments ago at the Women’s Technology Empowerment Centre, W.TEC, located in 2 Babalola Gardens, Off Freedom Way, Ikate, Lekki, Lagos, Nigeria to behold some of the skills displayed by the alumnae of the tech hub.


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W.TEC which is a Nigerian Non-Government Organization, NGO working to empower girls and women socially and economically, using ICT had a swell time while showing Mr. Berners-Lee how they are impacting their own world using ICT.



According to a tweet from Tim’s official Twitter account announcing the tour’s itinerary, CERN in London where it all started, was the first stop for Tim and the Web Foundation team.

See his Tweet below,


As reaction to his visit to Lagos, the founder of the WWW expressed amusement over the creativity displaced by the girls in deploying ICT to inspire other girls.


See his tweet below,


The celebratory tour is undertaken with the Web Foundation, an international non-profit organization advocating for a free and open web for everyone, founded by Tim Berners-Lee.


BlackBox Nigeria also gathered that In 1989, while working for the European Organisation for Nuclear Research also known as CERN, Tim Berners-Lee submitted a proposal that formed the basis for the web. He went ahead to write the first web browser one year after in 1990.


Since then, the web has been a pivotal tool the world uses on the internet.



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