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The Quadrangle Of My Doctoral Accomplishment: A Lesson For Someone Out There By Ganiu Abisoye Bamgbose, PhD.

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Ganiu Abisoye Bamgbose, PhD.

Ganiu Abisoye Bamgbose, PhD.

Ganiu Abisoye Bamgbose, PhD.

Luck, I have come to understand, is PREPAREDNESS PLUS OPPORTUNITY. You cannot take an opportunity you are not prepared for, and your preparedness yields nothing until an opportunity surfaces. With this in mind, I shall, in this short piece, share the four factors that saw me through the doctoral journey within the three years’ record time. I call them the QUADRANGLE of my doctoral accomplishment. You may have something to know, to use or to better deploy from the quadrangle. Come along, dear reader!

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The first element in the quadrangle of my doctoral accomplishment is PURPOSE. A human who has not identified her or his purpose may be successful, but cannot be great. Greatness is tied to a purposeful life. In the words of Myles Munroe, when purpose is not understood, abuse is inevitable. A purposeful life helps to overcome distractions. I gave my doctoral research my all within three years because I was certain it is what I am called to do. You must be sure of your purpose. You cannot feature in a future whose picture you have not properly captured. It does not matter whether it is paying now or not, have you identified your purpose?


The second element in the quadrangle of doctoral accomplishment is GRACE. You want to ask why I did not mention grace as the first element? It is because you enjoy God’s grace at its peak when you have identified your purpose. That is not to dispute the fact that you need God’s grace in identifying your purpose; it is to say that God’s grace is put to a judicious use when you have a purposeful life. His promise is to bless the work of your hand. Get a work (purpose) in your hand then pray for his grace to lubricate your path. Indeed, His grace was my strength.

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The third element in the quadrangle of my doctoral accomplishment is SUPPORT. The support of one’s family, one’s household and one’s supervisor and other academic mentors is so important to one’s life achievement. It is therefore required of you to make those whose support you need see the zeal and seriousness in you, so as to trust you enough to support you. In this regard, I thank everyone whose support I enjoyed on the journey of my doctorate, especially my supervisor, Dr Adesina Sunday; my sister and sponsor, Mrs Safuriat Omodayo Taiwo; my mentor, Professor Adeleke Fakoya; and my mother, Alhaja Sherifat Lawal. Importantly, do not forget those whose support you enjoy on your journey. To fail to thank man is, in my view, to fail to thank God.

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The fourth element in the quadrangle of my doctoral accomplishment is CONSISTENCY. Accomplishment is not for those who quit when they are tired; it is for those who quit when they are done. Accomplishment is not for those who stay when it is rosy and quit when it is tough; it is for those who pull through the ups and downs. If you must reach there, you must do it always!

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