The Biggest Corruption Of All Time – Hon Jibrin Releases New Statement

The Biggest Corruption Of All Time – Hon Jibrin Releases New Statement

Hon. Abdulmumin Jibrin, former Chairman of House of Representatives Appropriation Committee is not letting the budget padding scandal be swept under the carpet like others before it.
On Thursday evening, Jibrin issued a statement reinstating his commitment to making sure perpetrators face justice.

Read full statement below:

Many concerned Nigerians have reached me in the past few days, expressing their fear over the fate of the allegations I raised against the very corrupt Speaker Yakubu Dogara, three (3) other Principal Officers and nine (9) other members.

I understand the concern of many Nigerians who feel strongly that by now Speaker Dogara and the 12 others should have reconvened the House, resigned and faced arrest in the wake of the grievous allegations leveled against them, which they have responded to none.

I wish to reassure Nigerians that I STAND by my allegations and there is no going back. We shall put in our all and expose DOGARA-GATE SCANDAL to the very end and ensure that justice is served on Speaker Dogara and his group of corrupt Principal Officers and members.

For the avoidance of doubt, let me restate that I have interacted severally with anti-corruption agencies. It is however heartwarming to know that they are indeed working meticulously on the matter. I have little doubt that they will do justice expeditiously and sooner than letter, we will get to the point where every Nigerian is waiting for — the arrest of Speaker Dogara and his group of budget criminals and fraudsters parading themselves as “Honourable” members, indeed!

Nigerians must remain vigilant because Speaker Dogara is using his office to obstruct and neutralize investigation. He is also using same and the time he has now before the long arms of law catches up with him to hurriedly clean up the mess on his desk, spend the stolen money on all sort of consultants and people he thinks can help him out through subterranean means.

On our side, while waiting for the response of our great party, the APC, on my letter, we are reaching out to everyone or group that can support this worthy course against DOGARA-GATE, the biggest corruption case in the history of our country.

We are also reaching out to the Presidential Advisory Committee Against corruption. In fact I spoke extensively on phone today with Prof. Itse Sagay and requested to make presentation to his committee on the allegations, just as we are reaching out to the Diplomatic Community and Civil Society groups so that everyone will understand the gravity of the allegations and the urgent need for decisive action to be taken by the anti corruption agencies.

Let me express my profound appreciation to all my colleagues that visited me, called or sent text messages to show solidarity and express anger on why I did not open up much earlier. I must also thank the social media community and print media who have ensured that the issue remain in the front burner despite several attempts by Speaker Dogara to sweep it out and change the public narrative with personal attack on my person and attempt to drag the Executive, Senate and other government officials into this matter and blackmail them.

My fellow Nigerians, be rest assured the DOGARA-GATE scandal will never be settled as a “family” matter or swept under the carpet, we shall remain vigilant until justice is served on these extremely corrupt members.

God bless.
Hon. Abdulmumin Jibrin, PhD MBA
Kiru/Bebeji Federal Constituency

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