Thank God For Me, I thought I Was Pregnant — Teni

Thank God For Me, I thought I Was Pregnant — Teni

Fawaz Adebisi


Renowned Nigerian artist, Teniola Apata, widely recognized as Teni, recently opened up about her recent health challenges in a heartfelt revelation.

The singer disclosed that she experienced a distressing phase, suspecting she might be pregnant due to her inability to eat or communicate with others about a week ago.

In a video shared on her Instagram story on Friday, Teni expressed her gratitude for her improved condition and encouraged her fans to join her in thanking God for her recovery.

Throughout the ordeal, she said that she faced both physical discomfort and emotional distress.

During the video, Teni candidly shared, “I am feeling much better today, and for that, I am grateful. Your support and prayers mean a lot. Last week, I was unwell and felt despondent. I encountered difficulties opening my mouth to eat or speak.

“My condition was such that I slept excessively, and at times, my eyeballs rolled back. At that point, I began to wonder if I could be pregnant.”

The singer also displayed the various medications she took during her recovery process, highlighting the severity of her health struggle.


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