Tension Grips Nigeria as Presidential Election Petition Tribunal Issues Verdict Today

Tension Grips Nigeria as Presidential Election Petition Tribunal Issues Verdict Today

Latiifah Amusan


In a highly anticipated moment, the Presidential Election Petition Tribunal in Abuja is set to make a ruling on the petitions challenging President Bola Tinubu’s election.

This development has sent shockwaves of anxiety across the nation.

President Bola Tinubu, the incumbent, who is seeking affirmation of his victory, will be notably absent from the country during the tribunal’s decision.

He is set to travel to New Delhi, India, for the G-20 Summit, according to a statement from the Presidency.

The petitions challenging the election results were filed by Atiku Abubakar of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Peter Obi of the Labour Party (LP), and the Allied Peoples Movement (APM).

These petitions have raised significant legal questions surrounding Tinubu’s eligibility and the conduct of the election.

One intriguing aspect of this announcement is that the tribunal has decided to televise the judgment delivery, ensuring that Nigerians can witness this historic moment firsthand.

The tribunal’s verdict is expected to determine whether Tinubu’s victory stands or is nullified, adding to the already intense political climate.

The 2023 presidential election was marked by fierce competition and disputes, and the tension in the nation has been palpable as the tribunal gears up to announce its decision today, Wednesday.

Adding to the anxiety, the Department of State Services (DSS) issued a statement indicating that they had uncovered plans for potentially violent protests aimed at discrediting the Federal Government.

Although the DSS did not directly link this to the tribunal’s judgment, the timing raises concerns.

While President Tinubu’s spokesperson insists the President is not worried, opposition parties like the Labour Party express confidence that the judgment will favor their candidates.

The tension has been exacerbated by differing opinions on the eligibility and conduct of the election.



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