Teacher Beats Student to Death Over Homework

Teacher Beats Student to Death Over Homework


A teacher of the Federal Government College, Kwali, Abuja, has allegedly beaten her 13-year-old Junior Secondary School II Student to death for not completing his homework.

The incident which happened on Monday, August 9, has made people angry as to why a teacher would be so violent towards a young child.

The student, identified as Aliyu Yahya, who was not feeling well on that day, went to the school clinic but was turned back because he hadn’t eaten.

He then went back to the class, and his teacher demands his assignment which he hadn’t finished, she then decided to punish him. She hit him with a bucket handle on his head several times and after she left him, he passed out and was rushed to the hospital, where he was confirmed dead. The family is demanding justice.”

Asiyah Aisha wrote:

“This handsome boy was alleged to have been beaten to death by a female teacher but the school is covering it up. However, other students had spoken out. Justice must be served so it doesn’t happen again. I wont post videos of four pupils that testified but I urge everyone to seek for justice. The name of the school is Federal Govt College at Kwali. He was a boarding student. May his soul rest in peace. May Allah comfort his family.

The teacher must be suspended.


Yahaya Nuhu Aliyu was a student of FCG KWALI and a grandson to Late Aliyu Mohammed former secretary to the Government of the federation wazirin jama’a of blessed memory!

He was 13 years old and in Jss 2 student , on Monday 9th august 2021 he complained of not feeling well and went to the school clinic but was turned Back because he hasn’t eaten, then went back to class and his teacher (Mrs Gibson) demanded for his assignments which he didn’t complete then she decided to punish him by beating him with a bucket handle on his head severally then he laid his head on his table after she left.

4 students tried lifting up but they couldn’t and then raised an alarm to the school authority that was when they took him to the hospital. 10mins later a teacher got a call saying he was no more.

That spiked a lot of anger in the students and they protested in the school premises. Attached was the meeting minutes and video from students explaining what truly happened. We the family are asking for justice and save another soul from being a victim of Mrs Gibson”.


Yahaya’s mother gave me permission to post.”

Abass Latifat Olamide is an undergraduate student of English Language at the Lagos State University. She is an extrovert by nature and admires hard work and consistency. Follow her on Twitter @Lartholomo,Instagram@Lartholomo,FB page@AbassLatifatOlamide.

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