Take To Streets, Not Twitter – NairaBet Boss, Akin Alabi Schools Presidential Hopefuls

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Take To Streets, Not Twitter – NairaBet Boss, Akin Alabi Schools Presidential Hopefuls


Business motivator and Founder of NairaBet, Akin Alabi has shared some hints to some political office aspirants as he advises them to take campaigns to the streets.

Mr Alabi in his statement advised Business Strategist, Fela Durotoye and Adamu Garba to be realistic in their political ambition and not rely on social media as the basis of his campaigns.

It will be recalled that weeks ago, Durotoye, who is also an Advocate for the Youth announced his intention to run for the presidential elections and ignited a wild debate and commentaries from Nigerians, especially the Youth.

The NairaBet boss also used the moment to announce that he will be vying for a political office during the 2019 General Election but stated that he is currently doing his homework with 99% of his electorate which he said are not on Twitter. He said he believes majority of those that would vote for him are not on social media.

He said, “Dear Fela Durotoye and Adamu Garba. If you really want to win, network far and wide down to the ward level on strengthening the political party you intend using. Without a strong party, you CANNOT win the presidential elections. PARTY FIRST! Don’t let twitter deceive you,”

He also added that it was better for the political office hopefuls to direct their campaigns to Party levels, saying that is the way to go.

I’m vying for political office in 2019. There is a reason I don’t bring it to twitter. I have identified my voters and 99% of them are not here. At the proper time, I will bring my campaign here for the 0.1% but for now, the work is on the streets.

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