Swedish sports body disowns sex competition report

Swedish sports body disowns sex competition report

An article published by The Times of India, a reputable Indian newspaper, claimed that Sweden was preparing to host the European Sex Championship. The report stated that Sweden had officially recognized sex as a sport and would organize a tournament where participants would engage in daily encounters lasting up to six hours. The event was allegedly scheduled to begin on June 8 in Gothenburg.

This sensational headline also gained traction on various mainstream media outlets and social media platforms. Pakistani websites covered the story, and a Greek portal even mentioned the participation of Greek contestants. The renowned South African media house IOL and a Nigerian website also reported on the event. The German media house RTL conducted a poll asking users about their opinions on recognizing sex as a sport.

However, these claims have been refuted by the Swedish sports body. Anna Setzman, spokesperson for the Swedish Sports Confederation, categorically denied the existence of any such event in a statement from Stockholm to DW. Setzman clarified that false information was being spread in international media about Sweden and Swedish sports, and these claims were strongly denied.

The origin of this story can be traced back to an article by Göteborgs-Posten, a major Swedish-language daily, which revealed that a Swedish man named Dragan Bratic was behind the entire affair. Bratic, who owns several strip clubs, reportedly wanted sex to be classified as a sport. He submitted an application for membership to the Swedish Sports Confederation in January, claiming the existence of a sex federation. However, the application was rejected in May, as confirmed by the Swedish Sports Confederation to DW.

Anna Setzman emphasized that false information was being spread to tarnish the image of Swedish sports and Sweden as a whole. The claims of a ‘Sex Championship’ in Sweden are entirely fabricated and lack any factual basis.


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