Suspected ritualist, Yahoo boy arrested with human parts

Suspected ritualist, Yahoo boy arrested with human parts


Fatimah Idera

An unidentified fraudster, alongside his herbalist, Ike aka Ogenesu, has been arrested after suspected human parts were found at the herbalist’s place in Obiaruku, in Ukwuani Local Government Area of Delta State.

The fraudster was driving to a destination in Obiaruku around 5.20 pm on Friday, October 28, when five policemen, who were on a stop-and-search duty, flagged down his vehicle.

The suspect zoomed off, Instead of parking as the policemen, who became suspicious of his action, gave him a hot chase and caught up with him.

When police searched the vehicle,it found a note specifying the need for human parts.

“The instruction on the note was that the man should provide a human head, hand and leg. After recovering the note, the policemen asked what he wanted to use the specified items for and out of fear, he said it was for something.

The policemen embarked on a full investigation by visiting the Obiaruku Police Station to obtain a warrant to search his three-bedroom flat and while searching his house, they obtained another written note requesting the same items in the first written note that was found in his car.

After finding two similar notes, the police proceeded to detained suspect and during interrogation, he said Ike, a herbalist requested the human parts.

Also, the policemen took the Yahoo boy and the herbalist to the station and they were transferred to the state command for further investigations.


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