Slavery: 239 Nigerians Return From Libya (VIDEO)

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Slavery: 239 Nigerians Return From Libya (VIDEO)

Nigerians numbering about 239 has been flown back into the country, BlackBox Nigeria has learnt.

According to Nikki Laoye, the Voice of Refugees, who is working with the National Commission for Refugees, Migrants and Internally Displaced Persons (NCRMI), West Africa, the migrants were transported into the country moments ago aboard a passenger plane from Libya. The National Emergency Maintenance Agency (NEMA) were also involved in the rescue mission.

See below the video of Nigerians that got returned into the country today…

She disclosed that the rescue was a result of collaboration between the Federal Government of Nigeria in conjuction with the NCFRMI and International Organisation for Migration (IOM). She also added that the partnership has been rescuing Nigerians since last year.

She also revealed that a total of 3,480 Nigerians have been rescued from the North African country in the last 10 months. Most of the rescued migrants have been reported to be girls.

It was learnt that most of the Nigerian migrants were deceived to migrate illegally from Nigeria through the desert in a bid to get to Europe.

Prior to the returning of the fresh 239 Nigerians, reports have been circulating on the social media about  the illicit act of Libyans trading off immigrants, who are Africans as slaves.

As at the time of filing this report, the returnees are being attended to by the NEMA, NCFRMI and IOM as they help them to settle back into the country.

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