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Singer Sola Allyson announces 10th studio album

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Nigerian gospel artiste, Sola Allyson has announced that her 10th studio album is set for release soon.

The singer, who made the announcement on her Twitter page on Monday morning, said the body of work is titled ‘Imisi’ loosely translated to mean inspiration.

“I hereby introduce to you, ÌMÍSÍ, my 10th Album, ready to be released!!!

“Oh, souls will be helped, again, the more, in recognising the Will of The Almighty, the essence of my whole life!,” she wrote.

The excited Allyson also expressed gratitude to God for her journey in the Nigerian gospel industry since her breakout album, ‘Eji Owuro’ which brought her to limelight.

She described her forthcoming project, ‘Imisi’ as a “help” and “an investment into the well being of your spirit”.

The singer said, “I am GRATEFUL!!! Mo dúpẹ́ GANNNNN f’Ọ́lọ́hun Aláàánú, Olùfúnni, Onírànwọ́, Oníìtọ́jú, ONÍÌMÍSÍ!

“For all the help I’ve received since Eji Òwúrọ̀ and I’m still here, relevant, I am GRATEFUL. For being a tool of hope, encouragement, comfort, courage and love for other souls, I am GRATEFUL!!

“For every mountain I’ve been taken over, for every trial I’ve been helped to get through, for every blessing I have enjoyed using my gift, I am GRATEFUL!

“ÌMÍSÍ is a help! ÌMÍSÍ is an investment into the well being of your spirit! ÌMÍSÍ, for your soul, is like food, balanced, wholesome.

“Oh, I am GRATEFUL that I am being used like this, this way, still evolving, moving towards and receiving MORE!”

In 2003, the gospel artiste dropped her highly successful debut album, ‘Eji Ewuro’. She would go to release other award-winning albums such as ‘Gbeje Fori’ (2005), ‘Ire’ (2007), ‘Im’oore’ (2009) ‘Adun’ (2011), ‘Ope’ (2015), ‘Imuse’ (2018), and ‘Iri’ (2019).

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