Singer Davido Comes Under Fire After Aide Assaulted Fan

Singer Davido Comes Under Fire After Aide Assaulted Fan

Fawaz Adebisi

Davido has come under fire for letting his aide, Lati Abiola, better known as Lati DMW slap a fan who tried to take photo with the artiste.

In a trending video, Lati DMW was seen assaulting his boss’s fan, who got excited after seeing the singer and decided to take a picture with him.

The fan attempted to get the Afrobeats star to appear in a video he was filming on his phone but was pushed away.

Putting more efforts, the fan went closer to get a good shot with Davido the second time, unfortunately, a heavy slap landed on his face, pushing him out of the frame.

Reacting to this, popular skit maker, Mr Macaroni among other Nigerians on social media have condemned the act on X.

He described the act as dehumanization, stressing that he “know exactly how this feels.”

He wrote, “This is sad and highly condemnable!!! There is absolutely no need for this assault. This is dehumanizing and I speak against it because I know exactly how this feels. The change that we all seek must begin with us!!!’

He therefore advised fans to always seek permission from their favorite artistes before taking pictures with them, so they won’t be seen as threats.

In the same vein, he urged celebrities to treat their fans with respect.

“Please, if you must take pictures with any of your favorite celebrity, kindly seek permission so that you are not seen as a threat. Respect is reciprocal. We must respect the privacy of our celebrities and Celebrities must also learn to treat our fans with respect and dignity,” he wrote.

Another user, TemiToper.PR wrote, “Lati DMW wan use punch commot my guy eyes cos he wan do video with Davido”

Also, Wîñço wrote “Davido team just Dey share slap. 😂 😂”


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