Militants Blow Up Shells Pipelines In Delta State

Militants Blow Up Shells Pipelines In Delta State

Nearby houses shook to their foundations; thick balls of flame went into the air. These were the ways in which residents of the Niger Delta Community where militants blew up another Shell pipeline on Monday explained their experience.

The explosions in the Trans Ramos pipeline caused panic as eye witness accounts had it that caused a lot of trepidations.

The vandals blew up the pipes on a day the Adaka Boko Avengers had threatened to make a declaration of the Niger Delta Republic which they failed to do on Monday.

Activities of the vandals in the oil rich region have continued to affect the economy as Nigeria’s dependence on oil continue to show the weak underbelly of the country’s economy.

In the last three months, Nigeria’s massive oil installations have suffered severe damages as a result of the act.

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