“She Don Gree?” Twitter Users Explain How Port Harcourt Serial Killers Are Operating

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“She Don Gree?” Twitter Users Explain How Port Harcourt Serial Killers Are Operating


Following the series of dead bodies found in hotels in the city of Port Harcourt, it has been disclosed that serial killers are on rampage and young ladies are said to be targets as 10 ladies have fall victims.

It was gathered that all the lifeless bodies discovered so far were left in same weird manner as the victims are being tied up and left in the hotel rooms.

The mode of operations by the serial killers may have been leaked to the public as seen in a tweet by a Twitter user, @The_Anagkazo where it was disclosed that the victims may have been online vendors who might have gone to make deliveries before falling prey to the killers.

See below for the thread of revelation, and some responses it generated,


Those ladies are online vendors.They get lured to those locations,usually hotels,by a lady who order for their wares,& offers to pay on delivery.When they arrive,the lady wont come to d reception,but ask that they come into the room where the killer,a male is waiting.

If I may also add.

You’d know it’s the killer if the lady first says she’ll meet you at the reception,but upon arrival,asks you to come to the room because she’s naked,and don’t feel like dressing up,and would meet you at the door

This excuse softens the victim.



A worried user came with caution,

I hope you understand the implications of this tweet. There are only 2 ways one could know all these details you shared. Either you were/knows a lucky victim or you are the culprit.

Be careful of what you share! There are implications.


But then, another user added to it;

Someone once posted this similar story on here, saying she was hearing a male voice at the background so she didn’t go and meet them in the room.

In n addition, another user @Olori_Lilian shared an experience she heard from a lady that didn’t fall into the deadly trap. See her tweet below;

This happened to someone I know. Got to the hotel and told her to come upstairs. She told her (the client) that she’d rather she came to pick it at the reception. After dragging for like 2mins, she heard a faint voice saying “SHE DON GREE?”

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