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Sex is art, Sex is life, Sex is an exercise; the hypocrisy of the Nigerian moral adjuration by Sulaimon Mojeed-Sanni

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Sex is art, Sex is life, Sex is an exercise; the hypocrisy of the Nigerian moral adjuration

Sulaimon Mojeed-Sanni

Sulaimon Mojeed-Sanni

The issue of sex is always touchy and sentimentally judged in this part of the world. This moral underpinning even though forgivable emanates from Africa’s cultural orientation and borrowed religious tenets that are couched to keep private what is presumed private. Sex, generally speaking, is conceived a private matter with popular practicability amongst the people, the surging population figure around the world is a testament to the popularity of sex in today’s world. Even Catholic nuns are miraculously getting pregnant when they visit Africa and their male counterparts are either fathering children or sexually abusing them.

Pornography by definition is sexually explicit videos, photographs, writings, produced to elicit sexual arousal. Porn is a creative adventure with its attendant health benefits. Few people can claim they have not watched pornography either deliberately or inadvertently. According to scholars within the medical line, sex boosts certain aspects of people’s well-being and physical health. Recent scientific research has underscored some benefits of sex to include reducing blood pressure and boosting the immunity of the body system.

Sex can also improve mood, relationships, and mental well-being of those engaged in it particularly when all precautionary measures have been taken. So why do we criminalize sex, when Sex is life and one of the most practised act of exercise? We all act like we are averse to sex and morally upright, yet, sex is the only thing we are not relatively taught but we are all experts at.

The urge to quickly play the blame game on the female party in a leaked sex tape is rather unfortunate. We are quick to judge the moral uprightness of the girl-child abandoning their male counterparts, the same way the society made male condom almost free and burdens the female to purchase theirs. In advocating for birth control, the onus is always on the female forgetting that it is the man that can impregnate multiple women same day.

Growing up, the female child is watched like preying animals while the boys are left unguided. Some parents even encourage their male teenagers to bring in partners, are those partners not the daughters of another family? Surprisingly even in our schools, sex education is taught with a long pole if the school had the effrontery to introduce it. We want to teach morals without considering that we are humans and that the urge for sex comes naturally to us once we reach the age of puberty.

Without digressing, it is unfair to judge the female in a two-faced consensual game. Consent is a factor for consensual sex and if consent is present, whatever the participants of the activity decide to do with their escapades remains solely their right and that should be respected. If anyone needs to be judged or prosecuted in the recent sex tapes that have been released to the public from the University of Lagos to Babcock University, it is those behind the release of the said tapes because it is like intruding into consensual adults privacies.

The sudden reaction of the Nigerian masses to condemning actions in relation to sex is rather an act of hypocrisy as 80% of Nigerian populace engage in and enjoys sexual escapades in and out of their homes. This shows why sex hawkers are popular and are on the rise in this part of the world.

We are guilty one way or the other and we do worse under the covers of holiness. In the words of Jesus Christ,” let he without sin cast the first stone” on this sexual matter!


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