Senator Tokunbo Abiru Applauds Ikorodu-Born Chess Master, Tunde Onakoya’s Remarkable Achievement

Senator Tokunbo Abiru Applauds Ikorodu-Born Chess Master, Tunde Onakoya’s Remarkable Achievement


Senator Mukhail Adetokunbo Abiru, FCA, representing Lagos East Senatorial District, has extended his heartfelt congratulations to Tunde Onakoya, a 29-year-old Chess Master and Coach from Ikorodu, for his extraordinary achievement in the world of chess. Onakoya recently shattered the global record for the longest chess marathon, playing relentlessly for approximately 60 hours in New York City’s bustling Times Square to raise funds for disadvantaged children.

In a statement released on Sunday, Senator Abiru praised the resilience and tenacity displayed by young Onakoya, particularly in light of the challenges he encountered while growing up in Ikorodu. The senator emphasized that Onakoya’s exceptional accomplishment serves as a beacon of hope for countless young individuals, especially those hailing from underprivileged backgrounds, who are striving to pursue their dreams and aspirations.

Senator Abiru, who established the SAIL Innovation Lab in Ikorodu, aimed at empowering hundreds of youths with tech skills such as Data Science, Games Development, and Artificial Intelligence, underscored the significance of Onakoya’s success in inspiring young people to strive for global recognition in their chosen fields.

In his words, “I extend my warmest congratulations to Tunde Onakoya, the global Chess Champion hailing from Ikorodu, for his outstanding achievement in setting a world record for the longest chess marathon.

“This remarkable feat serves as a catalyst for numerous young individuals in Ikorodu, Lagos East Senatorial District, and beyond, encouraging them to aim for the pinnacle of success. Onakoya has demonstrated that with determination and courage, adversity can be conquered. I am immensely proud of his exceptional accomplishment and the honor he has brought to our nation.

“I join his family and fellow Nigerians in celebrating this exemplary Ambassador, who has become a source of inspiration for countless young people across the nation.”



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