Senator Struck by Stroke a Day After Daughter’s Wedding, Dies Two Months Later

Habeeb Ibrahim 

A former Senate Spokesman, Ayogu Eze, has died at the age of 66, two months after being struck by stroke a day after his daughter’s wedding.

Eze, who represented the Enugu North Senatorial District between 2007 and 2015, passed away on Thursday in an Abuja hospital after suffering from an undisclosed illness.

A former Senator for the Ekiti Central constituency of Ekiti State, Ojudu Babafemi, took to his social media platform to express his heartfelt condolences to his friend’s family and also advised people to learn from the fleeting nature of human existence

“Ayogu has done his part and gone; we can only console his wife, children, and all those he left behind, while the rest of us, who are still playing God, learn a lesson from this fleeting human existence.”

Babajide proclaimed regret at not being able to attend his friend’s daughter’s wedding ceremony, stressing that “The wedding happened, but sadly, I couldn’t attend. Two days later, I tried to call to apologize for my inability to attend but could not reach him. I called a mutual friend who informed me that Ayogu suffered a massive stroke the day after his daughter’s wedding. The news was devastating” he said.

“Two months later, I woke up to the news of his passing. What a very sad one this is this intertwining of joy and sadness. How could the occasion of such joyousness be married with the tragedy of a stroke and ultimately death? That is the nature of our existence. He noted.


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