See Hilarious Games Nigerians Want To Be Included In Olympics #Rio2016

See Hilarious Games Nigerians Want To Be Included In Olympics #Rio2016

The inability of most African countries to win more medals in the Olympic games over the years have heated up controversies surrounding the choice of games been competed in at the Olympics every four years. Some are of the opinion that if more of the games that are likely related to the people of the continent, then there may be avenue to gather more medals like their Western contenders.

BlackBox Nigeria brings you a public suggestion about African games believed to boost the medals of its participants if eventually added. See the post below…

“This oyinbo people, no be today dia sense start. They just took all their hobbies and arranged them as Olympic sport. As in, what am I seeing? Water polo, Dancing horses, Fencing etc. Then they invite us knowing our sense never pass football and 100m. So we are just there to watch them carry 30, 60 gold medals while we are battling for 2.
We should organise a protest o. We must boycott this Olympic 419 games until they add more afrocentric sports like…
– Eba swallowing competition
– Ludo
– Fashion and make up
– Ten-ten
– Molue-jumping
– Fence-flying

flyin fene
– Okada race
– Spending money
– Gele-tying

gele tying– Beating traffic
– Draft playing
-Baba ijebu
-Eri ukwu
-Prayer warrior
Sack race???”

Any more games???

A Learner

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