Security tips you need to know in ’ember months’

Security tips you need to know in ’ember months’

Elsie Udoh

It’s no news that the mention of ember months brings to mind various atrocities, one of them being an increased rate of insecurity.

On Friday night, Chidi, an okada rider, dropped off his last passenger for the day and was riding home exhausted but satisfied with his earnings when he was attacked by the men in black.

He ensued into a struggle with them to protect his earnings and ended up with a broken head and was rid of his okada. If he had not been found in time by passersby, he would have lost his life on the cold muddy ground that Friday night.

So much for a season that is the forerunner of a festivity!

Mr Chidi’s plight is one of the many cases of insecurity that comes with ember months and sad to say, as much as you feel pity and forbid against any of such atrocities befalling you and your loved ones, you are not exempted.

However, you can take some measures to ensure the safety of you and your loved ones:

– Do not stay outside at ungodly hours. Talking about the wee hours of the morning or late at night.

– Be mindful of your environment. Stay alert and report any strange occurrence or individual to the appropriate authorities.

– Avoid flaunting your personal belongings outside especially if they cost a fortune.

– Make sure that someone is always updated about your present location.

– Do not walk alone on lonely paths or in an environment you are not familiar with.

– Keep your doors locked at all times.

– If you cannot help staying out late, call a trusted friend or relative and if possible, have them come to go home with you.

– If you come in contact with any of the men in black, do not try to struggle with them. Your life matters more than any material possession.

– Finally, always ensure to be your brother’s keeper. Keep tabs on the whereabouts of your loved ones at all times and say a prayer for them to stay safe.

Enjoy the rest of the ember months in good health and safety.


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  • Lawrence , October 15, 2022 @ 8:14 pm

    Wow Elsie shared a very vital tips, i applause her for that. I will do as she as said to keep safe. Kudos to her.

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