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Ruling Houses Kick Over Illegal Installation of Sano of Koga in Badagry

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Ruling Houses Kick Over Illegal Installation of  Sano of Koga in Badagry


Members of the ruling houses in Ikoga Zebbe have denounced the installation of Jimoh Fabiyi as the new Aholu of Ikoga-Zebbe noting that the kingship should revolve around three main ruling houses namely Savi Yanwhegameh, Savi Athanhode and Savi Toyi.


According to a statement made available to BlackBox Nigeria by Ademola Bokoh, there is an existing court case on the kingship and the youth of the community are ready to see that justice is done. 


In a post on facebook, it was announced that the Executive Chairman of Badagry Local Government, Hon. Onilude Segun Adeniran had on July 29, 2020,  installed Jimoh Fabiyi as  Aholu of Ikoga-Zebbe following the approval of Lagos State Government, making him the fourth to be so installed by Onilude’s administration against an existing court order, thus, making the other ruling houses to call for justice as it is believed that Fabiyi usurped the throne through his connections to the Local Government.

According to the source, the last King who died 61 years ago originated from SAVI-TOYI same as Jimoh Fabiyi when the tradition requires that the next ruling house SAVI-YANWE should have produced the king.


”But a friend of JIMOH FABIYI who works in the DEPARTMENT of CHIEFTAINCY COUNCIL named SAMUEL AMOSU, who of course was in collusion agreed with FABIYI JIMOH to illegally remove Mr. BABATUNDE BOKOH’s name who has legal claim to the SANO of KOGA-ZEBBE according to tribunal verdict. He then placed the name of his friend JIMOH FABIYI as the next in line for this claim, and in the same titled himself OBA of IKOGA instead of SANO of KOGA-ZEBBE, ” he told BlackBox Nigeria.

Those calling for the removal of the appointed new king believed the Local Government Chairman did not investigate into the age long kingship matter before queuing behind Jimoh because there is an undecided court matter on the throne and anybody parading himself as Sano is doing that illegally.


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  1. Prince wale Adewale

    August 2, 2020 at 10:52 am

    We urge the state government to intervene in this matter as the ruling two remaining ruling house we not entertain the ilega act from certain set of people

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