Ritual Killing In Ikorodu Division- A Call To Reinforce Security In The State By Salisu Lateefat

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Ikorodu division has been described as the next commercial hub of Lagos state by the Governor, Mr Akinwunmi Ambode. For the past few months, this division initially known for peace and serenity has been turned into an abode of death and sorrow by groups suspected to be ritualist popularly called Badoo.

This notorious group began their nefarious activities in Ibeshe community, Ikorodu West LCDA by raping and killing their victims in the most horrendous way.

It all started like a match- stick fire which suddenly transformed into an inferno spreading across the division and might likely spread across the State if not curbed.

Unfortunately, other towns in the division never took it serious when it began. Why should they anyway? It was happening in Ibeshe and not their town. The killing later spread to other parts of the division and neighbouring town: Agbowa, Ishawo, Ibeshe, Parafa, Aleke, Adamo and Isiwu have all been visited by these unknown group.

The similarities in the mode of killing affirmed that all the mayhem have been unleashed by same set of people. These groups have been known to kill all the members of their victim’s family with the us of grinding stone.

Most communities look deserted as people have been fleeing their homes in order to save their dear lives. There are talks going on among the locals that these ritualist are being sent by top people in the community, the State Commissioner of Police; Mr Fatai Owoseni also confirmed it in a meeting held at Adeyemi Bero hall Alausa with traditional rulers and chiefs in Ikorodu division.

He said security report had indicted some of the chiefs in aiding and abetting criminals causing mayhem in the division.

It is pertinent to note that boko haram started in a small place in Maiduguri and later transformed into a national-cum-international issue. Lagos state government should not turn a blind eye nor dead ear to this blazing inferno, rather it should be treated as a State issue and not just a “community nor division issue”.

By: Salisu Lateefat

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