#Rio2016: Again USA Maintains International Dominance – The Olympic Story

#Rio2016: Again USA Maintains International Dominance – The Olympic Story

With the Rio 2016 summer Olympics  finally coming to a dramatic end, there are no doubts that the United States of America have again established its dominance not just in global affairs but even in sports. With 121 medals in total, it was unarguably America’s olympic!

IMG_20160812_051425The TeamUSA hit Brazil with a squad of 554 being the largest overall contingent dominated in gymnastics, swimming, basketball, rowing, water polo amongst other sports.


This year’s Olympics is a further testament that the world of sport is still dominated by the superpowers with only seven countries winning over half of the available medals;  United States (121), China (70 ), Great Britain (67), Russia(56),  Germany (42),  France (42) and Japan (41).


BlackBox Nigeria also observed that surprisingly, five of the world’s most populous countries with more than 2 billion population won just 4 medals;  Indonesia(1 gold, 2 silver), Nigeria (1 bronze),  Pakistan  (0 medal) India (0 medal) and Bangladesh (0 medal).


207 Countries participated in Rio 2016 with the Refugee Olympic Team competing for the first time.


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