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Reps pass bill to criminalize estimated billing

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Edwin Eriye

The House of Representatives on Thursday passed a bill which prohibits and criminalise imposition of estimated billing by the electricity distribution companies (DISCOs).

Hon. Gbajabiamila, who sponsored the bill, stated that estimated billing is a practice that is unlawful and highly fraudulent.

The lawmakers stressed the need for the DISCOs to provide compulsorily install prepaid meters to all power consumers across the nation.

“Nigeria is the only country where electricity consumers are made to pay for the services through estimated billing.

“Estimated billing by electricity distribution companies is the biggest fraud in the history of the country.

“When the proposed law is assented to by the President, it will become a criminal offence for service providers to issue estimated bills.

“Whoever faults will either get a one-year jail term or a fine of N1m or both”. Hon Gbajabiamila said.

The proposed law would also compel a distribution company to provide prepaid meter to an applicant within 30 days, while barring the DISCOs from disconnecting the consumer after the 30-days period within which the meter should be installed.

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