Rep. Jimi Benson Sets To Introduce New Dimensions In December As iCare Foodbank Marks World Food Day

Rep. Jimi Benson Sets To Introduce New Dimensions In December As iCare Foodbank Marks World Food Day


Qudus Odeyemi

In a benevolent gesture to commemorate World Food Day, Hon. Babajimi Benson, representing the Ikorodu Federal Constituency, distributed 500 Food bags “Apo Anu” to the people of his constituency on the 21st of October, 2023.

The food bank initiative aims to alleviate the adverse effects of the recent fuel subsidy removal and provide sustenance to the less privileged who are grappling with the ongoing economic challenges.

Speaking about the event, former Ijede LCDA Chairman, Hon. Fatiu Salisu, lauded Rep. Babajimi Benson for his consistent efforts in distributing the Food Bank “Apo Anu” to the people of Ikorodu Division. He further revealed that Rep. Benson had exciting news for the beneficiaries, stating, “The food bank that will be distributed in December will introduce a new dimension, setting it apart from previous distributions.”

In recognition of Rep. Benson’s unwavering commitment to his constituents, Hon. Fatiu Salisu remarked, “He is the first House of Representatives member who has consistently exceeded expectations, considering the diverse projects he has undertaken since assuming office.”

Rep. Babajimi Benson confirmed this promising development by stating, “Indeed, a Federal Government-powered food palliative initiative is scheduled for December, and I will spearhead the distribution in my constituency.”

Rep. Benson also unveiled an upcoming project, set to surprise the community in the next few weeks, and shared that he is actively working to ensure the timely completion of the Ikorodu/Sagamu road, following discussions with the involved Arab contractor who has provided assurance regarding the project’s completion.


Rep. Babajimi Benson’s commitment to enhancing food distribution in his constituency and his dedication to infrastructure projects demonstrates his continued efforts to uplift the community during these challenging times.


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