Renowned professor who authored ‘The Village Headmaster’ dies at 94

Renowned professor who authored ‘The Village Headmaster’ dies at 94

Ghazali Ibrahim

Prof Anezi Okoro, who authored the popular children book “The Village Headmaster,” has died at the age of 94.

It was gathered that the renowned dermatologist breathed his last in the early hours of Saturday in his hometown in Enugu State.

Okoro, who was born on May 17, 1929, was an author, poet and scholar with many works to his name.

His popular children book, The Village Headmaster was published by African University Press Ibadan in 1984 and regarded as one of the most celebrated children books in the history of Africa literature.

The book is centered on the story of an African village community with the primary school as its focus containing a down to earth story where most people are part-hero and part-villain and where at a time of transition, life swirls around the village school and everyone is caught in its web or brushed by the swirl.

Apart from being an author and a dermatologist, Okoro also found pleasure in sports. In an interview with Guardian Newspapers in 2020, the nonagenarian revealed that he spent more time on sports than writing and reading.

“Maybe more time in sports. Yes, at times, you think of things and say could I have done it any different, but why look back at what you cannot change, only look forward with resolve to do better for you and everyone concerned,” he was quoted to have said.


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