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Women are probably one of the hardest creatures to understand. From their never-ending rants, to their emotional demands that seem almost impossible to meet, to many other attitudes these species have.

Just like men, only a woman that wishes to stay can be kept. However, here are tips on how to keep your woman to yourself alone, and at the same time, make her happy.

• Take care of your woman emotionally

More than anything, women need emotional care. And this is a fact that most men shy away from. If there’s a question men should ask themselves, it should be: “Why do we channel so much energy in calls, messages, outings and so on when trying to woo a lady?” The answer isn’t far-fetched. That’s all it takes to win her heart.

A woman desires attention. She wants to be checked upon almost every minute. Problem sets in when men claim to be too “busy” to do the things they did willingly before they got a lady to date/marry them. Therefore, take care of your woman emotionally and watch her glow physically.

• Value her

Women have so much importance in keeping marriage — and relationships in general — in good condition. In today’s society, when a marriage fails, or children become wayward, or husbands aren’t doing well, people tend to question the capability of the wife.

To some extent, it is absolutely true that for a romantic relationship to work out, it depends on a woman. Here’s the thing. If she gets condemnation for failed marriages, why can’t she get unending praises when her marriage/relationship is going smoothly?

• Profess your love

It would benefit your partner if often express your admiration for her. Let her know you see her struggles, and that you are always by her side. Don’t just tell, show her she isn’t an option but your priority. That way, she will feel loved and valued, and see you as her best friend — not wanting any other person. Value your woman, not just for clouts. Value her because you want to, not because you feel obligated to.

Note: Both genders should know that RESPECT and COMMUNICATION are very important aspects of any relationship — any kind at all. Learn to respect people, and communicate your feelings clearly without being rude.



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