Reactions as Nigerian Man Rejects Davido’s Monetary Compensation

Reactions as Nigerian Man Rejects Davido’s Monetary Compensation

Latiifah Amusan


A young Nigerian man named Emmiwuks has turned down a generous offer of monetary compensation from popular musician, Davido. 

The offer was made after Emmiwuks garnered attention for his determination to cycle from Benue to Lagos state to personally meet the singer.

His decision to embark on a cycling adventure from Benue to Lagos to hand-deliver a cherished gift captured the hearts of many online. 

However, upon learning of Emmiwuks’ endeavor, Davido advised him to return home as the singer was not currently in town.

Displaying his usual closeness to his fans, Davido suggested that Emmiwuks provide his bank account details so that he could receive monetary compensation instead.

Undeterred by the singer’s absence, Emmiwuks remained steadfast in his desire to meet Davido in person and personally present the gift to him. 

In a heartfelt tweet addressed to Davido, Emmiwuks expressed deep gratitude for the offer of a monetary blessing. 

However, he politely declined the offer, stating that the opportunity to meet his idol face-to-face and hand over the cherished gift would be the pinnacle of happiness in his life.

The tweet reads: 

“SIR I appreciate you for the generous offer of telling me to send my ACCT NUM for you to bless your boy, but meeting my 001 and delivering this gift from Benue state will be my happiest moment in this life. No disrespect I will wait for you, Boss. LONG-, LIVE 001 30BG.” 

This remark actively interests social media enthusiasts and tempted some to applaud Emmiwuks, while others expressed reservations about the wisdom of his decision.

@EnergizingChar3 reacted: “Oga send him your account number let him bless you. He isn’t around and he said you can start this journey when he is around. Can’t you just get that to your head? Don’t go and waste your time, and energy at the end of the day you end up with nothing.“ 

@Stephanieavarez reacted: “Davido gets up to 6 touring he won’t be back on time bro 

@emmiwukand s. He has already assured me to meet with you, dude.” 

@DrAnenga said: “Keep it up, bro!” 

@Duke_Bukaty reacted: “Bro don’t go back, continue your journey when u reach Lagos, come  to my house and stay till Davido comes home, like that he’ll bless 2 of us.” 


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